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For developing basic kinetic or interactive design projects, participants will need to learn basic interactive techniques from simulation to physical computing. Arduino, a well-known microcontroller, will be heavily experimented in this workshop. During the workshop, participants will get the general idea about the basic electronic engineering knowledge and how to use micro-controllers and embed sensing and actuation systems to build the physical prototype. However, they can start experimenting with the kinetic mechanism by studying physical models as well as virtual simulations through 3D modeling software (Rhino, Maya, Grasshopper...etc). The idea of the cellular component and self-organized logics should lead the final projects to an emergent morphological body via collective decision making. Laser-cutting as a digital fabrication technique will also be utilized under the constraint of "using sheet material" for producing the physical prototypes.


Tutorial 01: Introduction

Tutorial 02-01: Arduino_Blink

Tutorial 02-02: Arduino_Sensor

Tutorial 02-03: Arduino_Servo

Tutorial 03-01: Grasshopper

Tutorial 03-02: Firefly

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