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Organization of Internal Spaces


F-BITEplan-2 label s.jpg F-BITEplan-1 label s.jpg

The two levels below ground are designed in such a way that they have ample access to natural daylight. The capsule hotel rooms are divided by communal squares, allowing space for interaction between users. The circulation platforms in the middle encourages the flow of meeting people with a different destination.

F-Biteplan0 label s.jpg F2-Biteplan+1 label-s.jpg

The levels above ground are defined by a ground level that combines both the main entrance lobby, a social bistro facing the central square and a cultivation space receiving the most light in order for the plants to grow and for the lightwells to guide light down to the capsule hotel.



Here it becomes apparent in what way the underground capsule hotel relates to the above ground cultivation space and how the lightwells guide natural daylight to the underground spaces. The central staircase allows vertical circulation and connects in a fluid way to the underground horizontal circulation space- connecting the elevator to the staircase.