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(Architectural Expression)
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[[Image:Architectural expression exterior view.png| 850px]]
[[Image:Architectural expression exterior view.png| 850px]]
==Architectural Expression==
[[Image:Looking_Up.jpg| 850px]]
==Interactive Body V2.0 Workshop==
==Interactive Body V2.0 Workshop==

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author(s): Matthijs Adriaan van der Lely, Milou van Min, Oana Anghelache, Rienk Klaassen, Stef Hoeijmakers


FABEntrance group1.jpg

Project'01 Section.jpg

Project'01 plans.jpg

Looking Up.jpg

Architectural expression exterior view.png

Interactive Body V2.0 Workshop

A n - i n t e r a c t i v e f l o o r - c e i l i n g s y s t e m

Creating a dynamic space that responds to and interacts with its occupants. The horizontal layers of floor and ceiling are transformed vertically to shape the void according to the visitors' flow and needs.

The flexible ceiling and pop-up floor elements create a dynamic and interactive environment that piques the visitors' interest and guides them along their path. </span>


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