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Traditionally, buildings focus on the visual experience. Though vision is probably the most important sense, emotions get triggered more easily by sound.SoundScape is a building that aims to trigger the emotions of its users by providing a sound experience. It consists of an auditorium for all kinds of concerts, but also lectures and conferences; a public sound route and a private one that contains cells for individual sound experience.

SoundScape is not an autonomous building. It is one of the seven sub buildings that form the bigger structure of 2628Climator. The position of SoundScape in the plot, with three adjacent sub buildings raises the demand of good connectivity, on both ground level public space, as well as on other levels and private space. This connectivity is used within a simulation to shape the outline of the building. File:Soundscape

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The building should be a hub but not a place of just movement. The building is also a place of permanence. It is works as a heavy star that deforms the space-time or gravity field. People in a hurry will move through it and get deflected a bit – the building works as a distributor, whereas people with less ‘speed’ have the chance to experience the entire sound route.

What’s in a name: SoundScape is indeed a formation of a layered landscape. The geometrical properties of the double helix were exploited to achieve this effect.


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The underground auditorium is the main sound producing part of the building. On top of it, a core acts as construction, climate and sound element. From the auditorium the private soundscape emerges.

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The private soundscape gets ‘injected’ by sound from the auditorium through the use of the Ampli, an interactive amplification device, which is placed in wall and ceiling.

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The public route is occupied by alien-like sound cells. These cells also have Amplis to allow sound to go inside, outside or reflect, changing the character of each cell from extravert to introvert and isolated.Also the public route contains Amplis allowing people to listen to the concert also outside; this time with a different reverb, and mixed with the sounds of the city. The edges are confined by a series of very thin steel cables that act as a safety net and essentially allow for musical interaction of the user with the building.


The passive climate design is a combination of subterranean earth sheltering and venturi based ventilation system. We want to create an awareness of a passive climate design, in a way that the user experiences the forces of nature in the building. The auditorium is based under the earth with a constant ground temperature of 12°C. This cools/heats the building due to thermal lag. The public path is insulated and heated/cooled by air. In contrast, the public path is open to the climate. The emerging negative pressure point due to a venturi effect at the roof draws fresh air through the building. Sustainability is created by using eco-friendly building materials, which can be locally fabricated and constructed. In addition, the open, multifunctional built space allows for different uses in the future.

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Being sound the conection to the public because it triggers emotions, special accoustic care was place in the auditorium. In fact, wood ceiling an walls were located in order to improve the accoustic properties of the auditorium, allowing a better distribution of sound inside the performance aerea and channel it all the way up to the upper floors and cells.

1ac.jpg 8ac.jpg 5ac.jpg 10ac.jpg

The helical structure and the piercing through makes the building an infinite loop and at the same time the ultimate network building. A place of movement and distribution and a place of permanence.

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author(s): Erdi Gao, Hans de Jonge, Matteo Biella, P. Simbana Escobar, Vicky Johanna Metzen


Ampli is an adaptable and dynamic sound amplifyer and reducer. The video above explains the concepts behind it.


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