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Located at the southwestern corner, ECOntinuum is intended to be the primary pedestrian entrance of the site. As such, the program and circulation is catered to attracting people by providing amenities such as retail stores, restaurants, cafes, bars and a grocery store. The flowing form was created as an alternative to conventional stairs creating an environment where one may transverse from one floor to the next without feeling like leaving one level and entering another. It is continuous space that weaves around fixed programming blending all spaces into one. The common open areas are intentionally placed adjacent to these fixed spaces to allow them to bleed outward when necessary. These shared spaces were conceived as a means to maximise use of square area at all times of the day with various programs without the need for multiple large spaces for specific purposes. Integration of systems is a key component of this project. Bearing this in mind, a singular module was designed to be able to adapt to various site conditions and needs. ECOntinuum is also intended to be a sustainable solution and incorporates various systems to cultivate energy both passively and actively through piezo-electric floors and solar panels placed at suitable locations. Furthermore these systems are able to store energy in highly optimised lithium batteries in order to avoid energy loss through conversion. It will be possible to provide power to the rest of the site during an energy shortage without tapping into the grid. The surface treatment is in sync with the concept of a continuous flowing space by giving the appearance of a singular tiling material covering all surfaces throughout the building. This continuity is only broken where glazing is placed in order to allow natural light to penetrate the spaces deeper inside and at the same time allows artificial light to escape during the evening hours. The street elevations are clear expressions of the flowing walkways inside ECOntinuum giving visitors and passersby a glimpse of what awaits them within.

ECOntinuum: Explorable Expandable Environment

ECONTINUUM / animation

author(s): Albert Achammer, George Georgopoulos, Mattia Tintori, Michal Kornecki, Perry Low Jeng Jin




INTERACTIVE WALL | Workshop work


author(s): Albert Achammer, George Georgopoulos, Mattia Tintori, Michal Kornecki, Perry Low Jeng Jin



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