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InteractiveBody V2.jpg

MSc 1 Design Studio | Workshop #2 :: Interactive Body V2.0
September 30 - October 4, 2013 | ProtoSpace
Workshop Tutors: Jia-Rey Chang | Achilleas Psyllidis | Davide Ventura

"What we are evolving are the rules for generating form, rather than the forms themselves"-John Frazer(1995)

The Interactive-Body workshop is an intensive workshop, dealing with climatic and energy issues, utilizing digital and interactive methodologies. The goal of the workshop is to inspire the participants by the concept and knowledge of morphology, based on the idea of cellular based components. During the workshop, you will learn how to manage Arduino chips with simple interactive motion and basic digital fabrication techniques with the laser-cutter.


InteractiveBody Schedule 2013.09.jpg


 30th (Mon):

Introduction + Hyper-Morphology Ideas + Basic Technical Study + Design Brain Storming: Introducing the whole idea about the workshop, the main concept of Hyper-Morphology, basic Arduino techniques, and assigning each group the task for brain storming.

 1st (Tue):

Advanced Technical Study + Grasshopper (Firefly) Simulation + Design Development: Tutoring more advanced and applicable Arduino techniques (+ Digital Fabrication Techniques), Grasshopper simulation examples (with Firefly plug-in), and developing group design based on the techniques of technical study.

 2nd (Wed):

Design Development + Physical Computational Prototype + Digital Fabrication (1st tryout) Further developing the project and starting to use the digital fabrication technique (Laser cutting) to build up the first component tryout.(+Group tutoring at the same time)

 3rd (Thu):

Design Development + Physical Computational Prototype + Digital Fabrication (2nd tryout) Physical prototyping the 2nd tryout for modifying and fixing the lack of the first prototype. Starting to experiment the projects combining numbers of components as an architectural organs. Working on the final prototype and the final presentation. (+Group tutoring at the same time)

 4th (Fri):

Physical Computational Prototype + Final Project + Review Finishing the prototypes, each group will present their project including design concept, process, and physical prototype for the final review.


Please prepare these stuffs before the workshop start. You can buy these devices wherever you want(Not constrained to the supplier we provide):

Projects from MSC2_Interactive Workshop: