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Group 2 Skintegration

author(s): Ira Tavlaridi, Jordy Vos, Roel Vogels, Thien Guang Dinh, Zhenke Jin


Final construction

Group2 finals 43.jpg
Overall fragment with all components(interior).

Group2 finals 44.jpg
Overall fragment with all components(exterior).

Group2 finals 48.jpg
Concept scheme construction.

Octa Bot 01 gallery.jpg
Reference node (by SCIARC Alexis Rochas.

Group2 finals 54.jpg
Detail A (floor system).

Group2 finals 55.jpg
Detail B (ceiling/roof system).

Group2 finals 45.jpg
Group2 finals 46.jpg
Group2 finals 47.jpg

This slideshow shows the exterior and interior components.

Group2 finals 52.jpg
Group2 finals 51.jpg
Group2 finals 53.jpg

This slideshow shows the working of the interior moveable and interactive components.