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Javid Jooshesh

Final Presentation


Points populated in the 3D grid inside the plot, representing the center point of the cells.


Solar exposure as the most overriding parameter in design process influences the cell distribution in a way to receive the maximum light with also keeping proper neighboring distances. After the stacked optimized positioning of the cells, the connections of the ordered cells were emerged based on the internal organization of functions, climate and structure as an integrated system.

A03.jpg instead of designing platform on each level for access which blocks the sun light and creates shadow, the decision was to wrap the final optimized position of the cells in a continuous skin. The created geometry not only provides convenient internal access which lets more amount of light to penetrate inside the project, but also plays the structural role as a skin for carrying the diffused loads. Furthermore, the internal connections means interior union spaces which was our goal for embedding the climate concept of a closed echo-system. At the further steps, for providing the light and view for interior spaces the skin was perforated based on the structural analysis. The creation of the surrounding geometry was based on the network of circulation, structural bonds, water transportation and internal air flow.


Project 07 Ground.jpg The public space as a place where the pedestrian flows intersect and activities such as marketing and selling food products happen. The place where people can meet and interact.

A07.jpg Ground Level Plan

A10.jpg The expression of the public space and public activities